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Led Light Fittings


The LED is an electronic component that, when
passing a very low current, emits a free-infrared
and free-ultraviolet light, lighting up immediately.
Led technology, an acronym for Light-Emitting
Diodes, represents the evolution of solid-state
lighting, with a light generation coming from the
use of semiconductors rather than a filament or
gas. LED lighting is more energy efficient, has a
longer lifetime and is more sustainable for the
environment. It also provides innovative and
creative usage solutions.

How the LED works?

The LED technology works smoothly. The output of the luminous flux occurs through the supply of a semiconductor filament, suitably treated, with a very low current (average 350 mA) and a voltage of 2.0-3.5 volts. Unlike other light sources, it does not produce gases or other pollutants. In addition, new generation LEDs, if properly powered, can reach a lifetime of over 100,000 hours.

Energy Saving

Thanks to the high intensity of the LED lamps, it is also possible to replace fluorescent lamps (compact or neon), saving on average 50% of the consumption. Also, since the average timeline of a LED lamp is about eight times that of traditional lamps, it is easy to deduce that economical saving is also a convenience factor. Indeed, despite LED technology requiring a higher initial cost, studies have shown that this investment repays in a short time, far below form the product's lifetime.

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