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Solar Energy

Solar Energy is a Renewable Source

The sun is one of the principal sources of renewable energy. Solar energy is basically the direct conversion of sun's energy into electrical power with the use of solar panels and collectors. Solar energy is heavily reliant on power known as nuclear fusion that is generated from the sun's core. The energy obtained from the sun is gathered and the conversion into electricity can be done in diverse ways such as the use of solar collectors to heat water and the use of solar attic fans to cool the attic for domestic purposes. There are also complex technologies that can be employed to carry out the conversion such as photovoltaic cells, reflectors and boilers. However, our modern day society cannot be solely powered with the use of solar energy as it is entirely dependent on the sun.

Apart from the sun energy, there are other alternative and renewable sources of energy such as wind power, hydroelectric energy, biomass, geothermal power, and hydrogen and fuel cells. The wind power can be utilized for purposes of pumping water or creating electricity. However, it is important to note that it requires far-reaching areal exposure to generate noteworthy energy amounts. The sun is an important element in the generation of wind power as the atmospheric movement is highly driven by temperature variations at the surface of the earth when lit by sun rays. Hydroelectric energy utilizes the gravitational potential of elevated water that has been lifted with the aid of sunlight from the oceans and other water bodies. Biomass is the energy that is obtained from plants. Geothermal power is the energy that is generated from the initial earth accretion. It is augmented by the use of heat that is available from a number of radioactive decays present in the earth.

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