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For over 30 years, ARENA LUCI SRL has been operating in the LED lighting market developing great expertise and reliability making it able to offer its clients the best solutions and most efficient products.
Founded in 1983 by Primo Bertani, in recent decades ARENA LUCI has been granted numerous awards due to the quality and reliability of its LED products

View our product Range from Arena Luci Lightings:

LED Spot for Track View

LED Panels View

Recessed Ceiling LEDs View

LED Modules View

LED Bar View

Wall Lights View

Waterproof IN Ground LED View

Under Water LED View

Industrial & Business Lighting View

Flexible LED Strips View

LED Lamps View

Controllers & Tools View

Switching Power Supply View

LED Suspension View

Ceiling Lights View

Flood & Garden Lights View

Gypsum Rec. Ceiling Light View

LED Spot View

LED Lights for URBAN Light View

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