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Komax provides load testing services for power quality critical power system; including UPS Systems, DC Power Systems, and all Battery types. System load testing procedures are used to determine, battery life, runtime availability, the integrity of UPS Power equipment, and DC Power Equipment.

The AC/DC Load Testing process includes

Pretest requirements

  • Equalizing charge
  • Check all battery connections and resistance readings
  • Read and record voltage of each cell/unit before test
  • Read and record 10% of cell/unit temperatures
  • Read and record overall battery terminal float voltage
  • Measure and record individual cell/unit *internal ohmic values prior to test
  • Take steps to isolate the battery to be tested from critical loads


Test profile
Test should meet a specific discharge rate and duration as published by specification requirements


  • Set up load bank and monitoring equipment to the requirements of "test profile"
  • Begin test while "logging" all data that includes overall voltage, current and all cell voltages simultaneously while maintaining test profile.
  • Observe the battery for intercell/unit connector or terminal heating.
  • At test end, determine the capacity of the battery.
  • Disconnect all test equipment and return system to normal service
  • Issue a detailed report with recommendations.


Internal ohmic measurements: the measurement of either the internal impedance, conductance, or resistance of battery cell/units. The above is a general outline of the minimum requirements


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